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Design and web development have been a part of my life for a long time. That first computer, Netscape Navigator, and my own Juno email account started me off with a bang — I could even have my own home page! on Geocities! The excitement died down when I realized that the best offered options for my new website were rainbows, bouncy balls, and moving waterfalls - sure, you could drop your own picture in there if you wanted, but the whole process was so slow. I picked out a book on HTML for my birthday (I must have been turning 14) and I never looked back.

Interest and skill led me to architecture as a major, and warm weather, beautiful scenery, and friendly people led me to Clemson. I enjoyed classes, learning about design, drawing, and the principles of composition. I continued to practice my programming skills — sometimes staying up all night to redesign my blog template, just because I could, or spending more time than necessary on how my online portfolio looked.

“…when I sit down to work on a website, time seems to stand still and I forget about the world around me.

Architecture is a wonderful field full of professionals who love what they do. I do enjoy architectural drafting: it’s good work, full of challenges and constraints. But designing for the web is about the challenges and constraints. When I program a site, it either works or it does not — and getting it to work is a reward in itself.

Figuring out a problem, writing or drawing a solution, and really digging into the details of creating a better experience is some of the joy of this profession. I don’t know how else to pin down my attraction to web development, except that when I sit down to work on a website, time seems stand still and I forget about the world around me.

I live in Greenville, SC. During the day I develop Wordpress themes for Peculiar. Spare time means surfing the internet (usually on some weird software engineer’s blog somewhere) or keeping my husband Jason company while he studies for med school. When we get a chance, we’ll got out swing or contra dancing and boogie down for an evening.

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