Jen Heilemann

Don’t Hire Me
Save yourself the…just save yourself!

I’m currently employed by Peculiar in Greenville, SC, so this page is a bit unnecessary. But everyone seems to like it, so I’m leaving it up.

I will ask you more questions than a two–year–old.

If you need something cheap and fast, I’m probably not the right person to talk to. My best work takes time, and I put sweat and love into creating great websites.

If you know what you want your website to look like, that’s great, but I’d rather hear about what you know best: your business. What are your goals? Who is your audience? The constraints and aims of your business are where a great design and a great website is born. Tell me what your website needs to accomplish, and I’ll work out how it needs to look.

The code is the medium we work in, and programs are just tools to shape it.

If you are in a design company, you should know that I code by hand in a text editor, and I always have (beside a small unfortunate incident with Geocities when I was 13). In my mind, no program is better at being a browser than a real browser, and no editor can write my code for me. I’m no Photoshop or Dreamweaver guru.

I’m not a know-it-all, and I am still learning. I’m great at HTML and CSS, okay at Javascript (gotta love jQuery!), but haven’t touched Flash. I’m learning PHP as fast as I can, in between rebuilding old projects to use the knowledge I’m gaining. If you need me to do something new, I’ll soak it up like a sponge — but I can’t promise that I’ll be the best right away.

I take the time to get it right. Accessibility is something I always spend time on. I’ll never use a short–cut now that might cost later. I work to create a similar cross-browser experience. Whenever I create new code, I try make it reusable for the next project. I will take some time each day to keep up with the latest standards, and keep expanding my knowledge.

I won’t stay late, and I probably won’t answer the phone on the weekend. My family is my first priority.

Still think that I’m the right person for the job?

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